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Why use dental floss how to choose it?  

Yulong news
2020/04/21 11:07
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1.Why use?
If you want to keep the teeth health when you old,and eat food by them, you should protect them when you are young, many people think, toothbrush will help to protect teeth better, but do you know the structure of teeth ?     
The tooth which we could see everyday is help us chewing the food but there is also part of it which we couldnot see everyday but it is the root of tooth, it stay
under gums,where the toothbrush couldnot reach,and also the place which plaque and bacteria will stay, they will desctroy the root of tooth, if the root is not health,would your teeth will stay with you when you old ?
To avoid implant tooth’s pain,to avoid gum disease, to avoid cannot eat the delicious food when you old,it is important to protect you teeth daily.
Toothbrush combine dental floss will be your best choice! 
2.How to choose?
When you decide to use dental floss along with toothbrush and you will find there are many kinds in supermarket,such as waxed floss,unwaxed floss,dental tape, braided dental floss,floss holder, floss threader,floss pick ,then you will doubt which kind is good for you ,yes ?
Let us make a introduction at first:
(1).waxed floss
Wax coated to make the glide more easy between the teeth.Shred-resistant. Apply to the gums fills embrasure space completely.
But for people who just use floss, it will hard to reach back teeth due to manual dexterity problems.
Products recommend:
Waxed dental floss 
(2).unwaxed floss
Floss without wax coated, well to clean teeth,  it'll catch more food particles and plaque but slide not easy between the teeth.
But it is not slide well between teeth than waxed floss.
Product recommend:
UHMWPE 400D floss pick
Expandable dental floss
(3).Dental tape
New to market,but almost the same as dental floss, it well used for tooth that may have large surface area.
Slide well between teeth, but it also hard to reach back teeth due to manual dexterity problems for new user.
Products recommend:
PTFE dental tape
(4).Braided dental floss
Regular diameter floss, wider tufted portion looks like yarn. Tip of product also resembles a threader.
But only apply to the gums do not fill embrasure space or the gums partially fills embrasure space.
(5).Floss holder
Handle with two prongs in Y or C Shape, can be used a number of times,however floss is to be changed after each use.
Unable to maintain tension of floss against tooth and fully wrap around tooth side. Need to set a fulcrum/finger rest (e.g. cheek, chin) to avoid trauma to gums and floss cuts.
Products recommend:
Floss holder
(6).Floss threader
A nylon loop designed to resemble a needle with large opening to thread floss. Tip of floss threader inserted and pulled through the space between two teeth to allow cleaning of the teeth sides. Good for people who with orthodontic braces.
But easy trauma to gums from flossing threader into tissues.
Picture instruction:
Yantai Yulong Commodity
(7).Floss pick
Y shape or F shape, good for new user, and daily use,but for travel use,it will take much place than dental floss.
Products recommend:
UHMWPE 400D floss pick
PTFE floss pick
Any products you like please send email to: sales@chinadentalfloss.com清除牙缝之间的污渍。”
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