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How to use floss 

Yulong news
2020/04/21 11:06
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To some people who new to use dental floss will have a question, how to use is correct ? if the floss will damage their gums ?
We could say if you use it in right way, it is no need to worry about this question.
Now, please let us introduce some directions of usage on dental floss and floss pick:    
Dental floss instruction:
ⅰ.Take a length of floss about 45cm long
ⅱ.Wrap the loose ends around your middle fingers
ⅲ.Hold the floss tightly between your thumbs and forefingers
ⅳ.Guide the floss between the teeth and clean plaque and food above and below the gumline from top to bottom using sliding movements.
ⅴ.Rinse floss as necessary,repeat for each tooth
ⅵ. Use it everyday
Floss pick instruction:
Place the pick between teeth at the gumline,Use a gentle in and out motion to remove plaque and food particles, what’s more ,stimulate gums.
Rinse as necessary, repeat for each tooth.
The dental floss can give you ultimate fresh,clean feeling.More complete clean.
Inquiry on dental floss products please contact : sales@chinadentalfloss.com