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Expandable technical dental floss 

Yulong news
2020/04/21 11:04
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A new type of floss on tooth cleaning revolution researched by Yantai Yuguang Ruiliside Commodity Co.,LTD.
1. How to use   
Flossing your teeth as triditional dental floss,the light wax can make floss glide into the gap of teeth very easy,before that, the dental floss always keep tape shape, but when you flossing, magic happens,it becomes expand from tape shape,the fibers becomes fat,in this way,the contact area with teeth increasing,so, it could bring out more food particles and bacteria than triditional dental floss,and on the base of same flossing time every day,using expandable technical dental floss can make your teeth become more health.
2.Why it can expand and why fiber can become fat
First of all, the raw materials we choosed are safe and food grade,we choose one kind of special nylon fiber which can become fat,and on formula,we add wax ,fluoride,on the specific time and temperature, the expandable technical dental floss coming. Mint and xylitol can be choosed.
3.Our advantage
(1) Raw material: food grade and all of them have MSDS report
(2) The fiber can only become fat when flossing but not when it under the influence of water,in this case, it will increase the flossing effect.
(3) We are direct manufacturer,the quality and delivery can be controled and guarantee.
For this product,we could supply finished products or semi-finished products,we have variety kind of durable case, and could also supply OEM case.For semi-finished products, we advise protect them from light and in indoor temperature,of course,when them deliveried, we had add carton box for you to keep them in dark place.
More info needed, pls contact : info@chinadentalfloss.com
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