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Yantai Yulong Commodity Co., Ltd. Locates in the beautiful seaside city-Yantai, Factory was established in April ,2009 with registered capital of RMB10 million.Our main products are dental floss, dental floss picks, dental tape, dental floss holder, floss yarn. We can also supply you with the semi-finished products, such as floss spool, floss cutter, flavor and so on. Our factory is certified by ISO9001:2008 products had got SGS authentication and FDA approved. 







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  • Expandable technical dental floss

    Expandable technical dental floss


    A new type of floss on tooth cleaning revolution researched by Yantai Yuguang Ruiliside Commodity Co.,LTD.1. How to useFlossing your teeth as triditional dental floss,the light wax can make floss glide into the gap of teeth very easy,before that, the dental floss always keep tape shape, but when you flossing, magic happens,it becomes expand from tape shape,the fibers becomes fat,in this way,the contact area with teeth increasing,so, it could bring out more food particles and bacteria than triditional dental floss,and on the base of same flossing time every day,using expandable technical dental floss can make your teeth become more health.

  • Expandable dental floss

    Expandable dental floss


    Expandable dental floss is a revolutionary new product that is designed to expand while come into contact with moisture,adapting to inter-dental spaces, and not slipping through fingers, unlike traditional dental floss. It is clinically proven to be more effective than regular floss,and has been shown to remove up to 55% more